Towards Generating Referring Expressions in a Mobile Robot Scenario

Hendrik Zender; Geert-Jan Kruijff

In: L. Seabra Lopes; T. Belpaeme; S.J. Cowley (Hrsg.). Language and Robots: Proceedings of the Symposium. Symposium on Language and Robots (LangRo-07), December 10-12, Aveiro, Portugal, Pages 101-106, ISBN 978-972-96895-2-9, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, 12/2007.


This paper describes an approach towards generating referring expressions that identify and distinguish spatial entities in large-scale space, e.g. in an office environment, for autonomous mobile robots. In such a scenario a dialogue is often about things and places outside the current perceptual fields of the interlocutors. One of the challenges therefore lies in determining an appropriate dialogue context. Other important issues are to have adequate models of both the large-scale spatial environment and of the user's knowledge.


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