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The pragmatic combination of different cross-lingual resources for multilingual information services

Hans Uszkoreit; Feiyu Xu; Jörg Steffen; Ihlan Aslan
In: LREC 2006. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), 5/2006.


We will describe new cross-lingual strategies for the development multilingual information services on mobile devices. The novelty of our approach is the intelligent modeling of cross-lingual application domains and the combination of textual translation with speech generation. The final system helps users to speak foreign languages and communicate with the local people in relevant situations, such as restaurant, taxi and emergencies. The advantage of our information services is that they are robust enough for the use in real-world situations. They are developed for the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, where most foreigners will have to rely on translation assistance. Their deployment is foreseen as part of the planned ubiquitous mobile information system of the Olympic Games.