A Successful Field Test of a Mobile and Multilingual Information Service System COMPASS2008

Hans Uszkoreit; Feiyu Xu; Weiquan Liu; Jörg Steffen; Ilhan Aslan; Jin Liu; Christel Müller; Bernhard Holtkamp; Manfred Wojciechowski

In: Proceedings of HCI International 2007, 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Human Computer Interaction International Conferences (HCII), 2007.


We will describe a field test and its evaluation of a truly novel type of mobile computer programs that will assist foreign tourists in their communication with Chinese people. The software is an electronic phrase book and a translation aid but at the same time a powerful multilingual information system connected to numerous services via the Internet. It effectively helps visitors to navigate through the streets, temples and shopping centres of the Beijing megalopolis. It was developed in the German-Chinese project COMPASS 2008, a research action within the Digital Olympics framework. The subjects of the field test were fifteen tourists from seven countries. The test concentrated on usability and acceptance. The applied methodology adapts recognized standards and widely accepted best practice to the specific application type.

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