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Generating Air-Quality Reports from Environmental Data

Stephan Busemann; Helmut Horacek
In: Tilman Becker; Stephan Busemann; Wolfgang Finkler (Hrsg.). DFKI Workshop on Natural Language Generation. DFKI Workshops, Saarbrücken, Germany, Pages 15-21, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 97-06, DFKI, 1997.


This paper describes ongoing work on the generation of German and French air quality reports on the basis of up-to-date environmental measurements. This real-world application is characterized by a simple and small sublanguage. The system is called with a bundle of user requests entered through a hyper-link navigator. For text planning, a schema-based component produces domain-specific semantic content representations that are fed to the TG/2 production system for linguistic realization. The semantics interface between the two components is tailored to the task and domain at hand. It is independent from the particular language chosen. It is argued that these design decisions have important practical benefits over more general, linguistic approaches. The texts produced are designed for administrative use. A version for the general public is foreseen as well.

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