MULINEX - Multilingual Web Search and Navigation

Joanne Capstick; Abdel Kader Diagne; Gregor Erbach; Hans Uszkoreit; Francesco Cagno; Giovanni Gadaleta; Juan A. Hernandez; René Korte; Anne Leisenberg; Manfred Leisenberg; Oliver Christ

In: International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Industrial Applications. International Conference on Natural Language Processing and Industrial Applications (NLP+IA-98), August 18-21, Moncton, NB, Canada, 1998.


MULINEX is a multilingual search engine for the WWW. During the phase of document gathering, the system extracts information about documents by making use of language identification, thematic classification and automatic summarisation. In the search phase, the users' query terms are translated in order to enable search in different languages. Search results are presented with a summary and information about the language and thematic categories to which the document belongs. Summaries and documents are translated on demand by making use of the LOGOS machine translation system. The system is to be deployed in the online services of Bertelsmann Telemedia and Grolier Interactive Europe, and supports French, German and English. The current MULINEX prototype is the first system for translingual information access integrating retrieval, summarisation and translation.

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