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Klaus Netter; Robert Kasper; Bernd Kiefer; Vijay K. Shanker
In: Proceedings of the 3eme Colloque International sur les Grammaires d'Arbres Adjoints. Colloque International sur les Grammaires d'Arbres Adjoints (TAG+-3), 3. Paris, France, Pages 77-82, Technical Report (TAG+3) Rapport TALANA, No. RT-94-01, 1994.


We present a compilation algorithm that translates Head Driven Phrase Structure Grammars into lexicalized feature based Tree Adjoining Grammars. Through this exercise we attempt to gain further insights into the nature of the two theories and to identify correlating concepts. While HPSG has a more elaborated lexicalized and principle-based theory of functor argument structures, TAG provides the means to represent lexical-based structural information more explicitly and to factor out recursion. Our objectives are met by giving clear and simple definitions for projecting structure from the lexicon, for determining "maximal" projections, and for identifying potential auxiliary trees and foot nodes.

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