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DFKI's LT-lab at the CLEF 2005 Multiple Language Question Answering Track.

Günter Neumann; Bogdan Sacaleanu
In: Carol Peters (Hrsg.). Working Notes for the CLEF 2005 Workshop. Cross Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF), Wien, 9/2005.


This report describes the work done by the QA group of the Language Technology Lab at DFKI for the 2005 edition of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF). We describe the extensions made to our 2004 QA@CLEF German/English QA-system, especially the question--type driven selection of answer strategies. Furthermore, details concerning the processing of definition and temporal questions are described, as well as the results obtained in the monolingual German, bilingual English/German, and bilingual German/English tasks are presented and discussed throughout the paper.