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XBRL Web-based Business Intelligence Services

Franseco Fornasari; Alessandro Tommasi; Cesare Zavattari; Roberto Gagliardi; Thierry Declerck; Michele Nannipieri
In: Paul Cunningham; Miriam Cunningham (Hrsg.). Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies. Proceedings of eChallenge 2005. eChallenges, IOS Press, 2005.


The present paper deals with business intelligence services, that are web-based and operate under the new emerging standard called XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). The technological challenge originates from the Basel II agreement, that, issued by the Bank of International Settlements, is mostly concentrated on management of credit by financial institutions, and on the evaluation criteria adopted for its grant. Such criteria are presently based either on complex evaluation procedures, practically feasible only for large companies that feature a well structured administration department, or on simpler heuristics, that suit more the less tight structure of SMEs. In the development of eTen's WINS project (a Market Validation activity), we have tackled these issues and designed integrated solutions based on advanced Knowledge Management and IT techniques. The objectives are to provide the actors with an integrated web-based platform to support the effective gathering, analysis, enrichment and delivery of the information vital to the application of Basel II directives.