Proceedings of the ICRA 2008 Workshop: Social Interaction with Intelligent Indoor Robots

Geert-Jan Kruijff; Hendrik Zender; Marc Hanheide; Britta Wrede (Hrsg.)

ICRA Workshop: Social Interaction with Intelligent Indoor Robots (SI3R-2008), located at ICRA-08, May 20, Pasadena, CA, USA, IEEE, 5/2008.


Robots are moving from the factories into our homes. Today, we have the Roomba. Tomorrow, in 2010, industry aims to give us the first commercial humanoids. Bringing robots as assistants into homes, offices, and shopping malls presents serious challenges to human-robot interaction. Robots will need to assist untrained users. Robots will need to interact with people in environments that are designed for, and populated by, humans. This workshop focuses on how robotic systems can be designed such as to meet these challenges. Make robots adapt to the environment. Make robots socially acceptable. Make robots fit into the environment, without the environment needing to be made to fit them.


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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence