Interactive Robot Learning - RSS 2008 workshop

A. Lockerd Thomaz; Geert-Jan Kruijff; Henrik Jacobsson; D. Skocaj (Hrsg.)

Interactive Robot Learning - RSS workshop, Zurich, Switzerland, RSS, 6/2008.


This workshop on Interactive Robot Learning will span the breadth of research questions at the intersection of Machine Learning and Human-Robot Interaction. Many future applications for autonomous robots bring them into human environments as helpful assistants to untrained users in homes, offices, hospitals, and more. These applica- tions will often require robots to flexibly adapt to the dynamic needs of human users. Rather than being pre-programmed at the factory with a fixed repertoire of skills, these personal robots will need to be able to quickly learn how to perform new tasks and skills from natural human instruction. Moreover, it is our belief that people should not have to learn a new form of interaction in order to teach these machines, that the robots should be able to take advantage of communication channels that are natural and intuitive for the human partner.


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