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Seamless User Notification in Ambient Soundscapes

Andreas Butz; Ralf Jung
In: Robert St. Amant; John Riedl; Anthony Jameson (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces. International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI-05), January 10-13, San Diego, CA, USA, Pages 320-322, ISBN 1-58113-894-6, ACM, 2005.


We describe a method for notifying users through auditory cues embedded in an ambient soundscape in the environment. It uses pieces of music which are composed in such a way, that particular instruments or motifs can be added or omitted without losing the aesthetic quality of the overall composition. This allows for very subtle modifications in the soundscape which are only noticed by those users who have chosen this particular instrument or motif as "their" notification instrument before. As a side effect, the soundscape itself can be used to subtly influence the mood of users. The method has been implemented in a prototype, which we briefly discuss. The prototype is implemented using a spatial audio framework and can hence notify users from particular directions.