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A Coalgebraic Approach to the Semantics of the Ambient Calculus

Daniel Hausmann; Till Mossakowski; Lutz Schröder
In: Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 366, No. 1-2, Pages 121-143, 2006.


Recently, various process calculi have been introduced which are suited for the modelling of mobile computation and in particular the mobility of program code; a prominent example is the ambient calculus. Due to the complexity of the involved spatial reduction, there is --- in contrast to the situation in standard process algebra --- up to now no satisfying coalgebraic representation of a mobile process calculus. Here, we discuss a coalgebraic denotational semantics for the ambient calculus, viewed as a step towards a generic coalgebraic framework for modelling mobile systems. Crucial features of our modelling are a set of GSOS style transition rules for the ambient calculus, a hardwiring of the so-called hardening relation in the functorial signature, and a set-based treatment of hidden name sharing. The formal representation of this framework is cast in the algebraic-coalgebraic specification language CoCASL.

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