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Integrating Simple Unreliable Perceptions for Accurate Robot Modeling in the Four-Legged League

Tim Laue; Thomas Röfer
In: Gerhard Lakemeyer; Elizabeth Sklar; Domenico Sorrenti; Tomoichi Takahashi (Hrsg.). RoboCup 2006: Robot Soccer World Cup X. RoboCup International Symposium (RoboCup), June 19-20, Bremen, Germany, Pages 474-482, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI), No. 4434, ISBN 978-3-540-74023-0, Springer, 2007.


The perception and modeling of other robots has been a topic of minor regard in the Four-Legged League, because of the limited processing und sensing capabilities of the AIBO platform. Even the current world champion, the GermanTeam, abandoned the usage of a robot recognition. Nevertheless, accurate position estimates of other players will be needed in the future to accomplish tasks such as passing or applying adaptive tactics. This paper describes an approach for localizing other players in a robot's local environment by integrating different unreliable perceptions of robots and obstacles, which may be computed in a reasonable way. The approach is based on Gaussian distributions describing the models of the robots as well as the perceptions. The integration of information is realized by using Kalman filtering.

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