Implementation of a localization-oriented HRI for walking robots in the RoboCup environment

Renato Samperio Melgoza; Huosheng Hu; Dongbing Gu

In: International Journal of Information Acquisition (IJIA), Vol. 5, No. 4, Pages 331-347, World Scientific Publishing Company, 12/2009.


This paper presents the design and implementation of a human-robot interface (HRI) capable of evaluating robot localisation performance and maintaining full control of robot behaviours in the RoboCup domain. The system consists of legged robots, behaviour modules, an overhead visual tracking system and a Graphic User Interface (GUI). A human-robot communication framework is designed for executing cooperative and competitive processing tasks between users and robots by using object oriented and modularised software architecture, operability and functionality. Some experimental results are presented to show the performance of the proposed system based on simulated and real-time information.

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