Visualization of Spatial Knowledge with Ontology Trees and Adaptable Search Result Grids in the Era of Web 3.0

Matthias Loskyll; Dominikus Heckmann; Christian Glahn

In: 9th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies. International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technology (KnowTech-09), 9th, October 6-7, Bad Homburg, Germany, Self, 9/2009.


With the emerging trend ofWeb 3.0 and the resulting huge amount of usergenerated semantically-enriched data, improved ways of knowledge visualization and human computer interaction are needed. We present several techniques of visualizing particularly spatial knowledge in largely scalable, clear structured ontology trees on the web. In addition, we describe the representation of search results with a combined approach consisting of Ajax-based grids and Google Maps.


Visualization-final-resubmitted.pdf (pdf, 439 KB )

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