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UbisEditor 3.0: Collaborative Ontology Development on the Web

Matthias Loskyll; Dominikus Heckmann; Ichiro Kobayashi
In: Web 3.0: Merging Semantic Web and Social Web, Workshop at Hypertext 2009. ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (Hypertext-09), June 29 - July 1, Torino, Italy, Self, 7/2009.


Ontologies continuously become larger and more complex, and therefore more and more difficult to maintain, to edit and to develop by one single person or a small group of experts. The basic principle of Web 2.0, on the other hand, is to use the willingness and knowledge of a huge community of users to create rich user-generated content. The obvious idea that comes to mind is to combine the technologies of the Semantic Web with the trend of the Web 2.0. We present UbisEditor 3.0, an easy-to-use web tool for the creation and manipulation of structured collective knowledge represented as ontologies. This web ontology editor is realized as part of the UbisWorld project and already supports ontology editing techniques like adding new concepts, renaming and deleting, but also the creation of personalized ontology views.