The Intergeo File Format in Progress

Miguel Abánades; Francisco Botana; Jesús Escribano; Maxim Hendriks; Ulrich Kortenkamp; Yves Kreis; Paul Libbrecht; Daniel Marques; Christian Mercat

In: Proceedings of OpenMath Workshop 09. Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM-09), located at Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, July 10, Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada,, 7/2009.


In this paper we describe the ongoing effort to specify a common file format for Interactive or Dynamic Geometry Systems (DGS). Our approach is based on the OpenMath standard, and uses its flexible extension mechanisms like Content Dictionaries. We discuss the various design decisions, the Content Dictionaries that have been defined, as well as open questions to be resolved.


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