Smart Pasting for ActiveMath Authoring

Paul Libbrecht; Eric Andres; Yecheng Gu

In: Proceedings of Mathematical User-Interfaces Workshop 2009. Mathematical User-Interfaces Workshop (MathUI-2009), located at 8th Mathematical Knowledge Management Conference, July 6, Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada, MathUI Workshop, 7/2009.


Authoring mathematical formulæ for ActiveMath is a challenge because it requires them to be semantic, along the OpenMath standard and (extensible) set of symbols. The authoring environment of ActiveMath, jEditOQMath eases this by providing a readable linear syntax for formulæ input based on QMath.\ This paper approaches the support to authors to encode formulæ by bringing together several types of conversion methods into one it smart paste approach. Such sources of formulæ as Wikipedia, and Planet Math are considered and start to work.

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