Heterogeneous colimits

Mihai Codescu; Till Mossakowski

In: Frédéric Boulanger; Christophe Gaston; Pierre-Yves Schobbens (Hrsg.). Workshop on Modeling, Validation and Heterogeneity. Workshop on Modeling, Validation and Heterogeneity (MoVaH-08), located at IEEE International Conference on Software Testing Verification and Validation, April 9-11, Lillehammer, Norway, IEEE press, 2008.


Colimits are a useful tool for the combination of specifications and logical theories. We generalize the notion of colimit to a heterogeneous multi-logic setting. For practically realistic cases, the notion has to be weakened. We describe an algorithm that approximates the weaker notion but obtains a colimit whenever possible. This algorithm is being implemented as part of the Heterogeneous Tool Set Hets.

weakcolimit.pdf (pdf, 338 KB )

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