GI Proceedings 150 "Software Engineering" Workshop-Band

Jürgen Münch; Peter Liggesmeyer (Hrsg.)

European Workshop on Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Software Development Teams (SOFTEAM-09), Eu, located at Software Engineering 2009, March 2-6, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Köllen, 5/2009.


The focus of this paper is how to support small software teams tailoring and following organization-sepcific process models by a lightweight and flexible approach in order to reduce the visible complexity of software projects. Therefore, we introduce the SPACE (Semantic Process- and Artifact-oriented Collaboration Environment) concept, which describes working processes and associated information with process and artifact models. These models are semantically integrated, thereby enable various kinds of analytic techniques, and thus alleviate to cope with the complexity of processes. Pre-defined templates can be configured to actual working processes and artifacts exchanged in such processes. In this paper, we adapt the domain-independent SPACE to the software engineering domain by using the domain-specific Software Organization Platform (SOP). In this context, the templates contain process and artifact descriptions of software process models, such as V-Model, RUP, or agile development.

sofTEAM09_emrich_weber_broschart_uenalan_SPACE_final.pdf (pdf, 154 KB )

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