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The Semantic Desktop as a foundation for PIM research

Leo Sauermann; Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes; Thomas Roth-Berghofer
In: Jaime Teevan; William Jones (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Personal Information Management Workshop. Personal Information Management Workshop (PIM-2008), located at CHI 2008, April 5-6, Florenz, Italy, CHI2008, 2008.


Personal Information Management (PIM), both in science and in applications, is limited by the current approach to data management (files) and applications. The SemanticWeb and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) provide a standardized way to represent data, across applications and capture the respective application semantics. In recent years we have developed the Semantic Desktop approach, a semantic layer of personal computers that serves as middleware to integrate applications and their data. The user uses the Semantic Desktop to create a Personal Information Model (PIMO), a formal representation of the mental model of the user, and this PIMO is used to integrate various elements from the workspace. In this paper, we focus on what the Semantic Desktop can offer for research in Personal Information Management.

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