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Bringing the Elderly Into the Mainstream of E-Society: The VITAL Project

Ingo Zinnikus; Klaus Fischer; Jan Alexandersson; Unai Diaz
In: Pedro Isaías (Hrsg.). IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, Vol. 7, No. 1, Pages 118-135, IADIS, 1/2010.


In the not-so-distant past, senior citizens often disappeared from the mainstream activities of society. In the EU project VITAL, the aim is to encourage users to go out of home, to travel, to meet other people, to participate in events; in summary to have an active and self-satisfying life that will empower aging citizens to play a full role in society, to increase their autonomy and to realize their potential and finally to improve web usability for digitally disadvantaged persons. Elderly users have special requirements with respect to user interfacing approaches and home delivered services. VITAL proposes the combination of iTV technologies, agent- based services and innovative multimodal interfaces as the best way to overcome the reluctance elderly users show to the introduction of information technology.

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