Usability Engineering for Spoken Dialog Systems via Statistical User Models

Sebastian Möller; Robert Schleicher; Dmitry Butenkov; Klaus-Peter Engelbrecht; Florian Gödde; Tatjana Scheffler; Roland Roller; Norbert Reithinger

In: First International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology. International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue Systems Technology (IWSDS-2009), December 9-11, Kloster Irsee, Germany, 2009.


We describe ongoing work to integrate statistical user models in the usability engineering process of spoken dialogue systems. The idea is to gener- ate user dialogue actions up to the spoken utterances in response to system ut- terances and directly feed them to the system under test. The underlying user models are derived semi-automatically from dialogue corpora. All simulated in- teractions are logged and a usability profile is derived from the log files, using HMMs to continuously estimate user judgments.


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