CERIF: The Common European Research Information Format. Insight into the CERIF 2008 - 1.1 Release

Brigitte Jörg

In: Maximilian Stempfhuber; Nils Thiedemann (Hrsg.). Connecting Science with Society. The Role of Research Information in a Knowledge-Based Society. International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS-2010), June 2-5, Aalborg, Denmark, ISBN 978-87-7307-987-4, Aalborg University Press, Aalborg, 6/2010.


The Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) allows for data-centric views towards re- search information. The multi-layered, formal CERIF model originates back to the eighties, and since then, major updates and improvements have been implemented. With the 2006 release, a substantial revision of the model for maintaining semantics with relationships has been incorporated and an XML-based inter- change format has been introduced. The 2008 -; 1.0 release elaborated on the Publication entity and enabled a much requested connectivity to repositories of scholarly publications. With the current 2008 - 1.1 release CERIF has been improved by adding fraction attributes to relationships, and by introducing the first version of a formalized CERIF Semantics with Publication relationships. This tutorial aims to give insight into the latest version of the CERIF model and format to demonstrate its power and flexibility with setting up quality research information systems, enabling quality interchange and integration of data at a large scale, and thus supporting quality access to research information and related services.


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