Prosody and Voice Quality of Vocal Social Signals: The Case of Dominance in Scenario Meetings

Marcela Charfuelan Oliva; Marc Schröder; Ingmar Steiner

In: 11th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association 2010 (INTERSPEECH 2010). Conference in the Annual Series of Interspeech Events (INTERSPEECH-2010), September 26-30, Makuhari, Japan, Vol. 1, ISBN 978-1-61782-123-3, ISCA, 9/2010.


In this paper we investigate the prosody and voice quality of dominance in scenario meetings. We have found that in these scenarios the most dominant person tends to speak with a louder-than-average voice quality and the least dominant person with a softer-than-average voice quality. We also found that the most dominant role in the meetings is the project manager and the least dominant the marketing expert. A set of raw and composite measures of prosody and voice quality are extracted from the meeting data followed by a Principal Components Analysis (PCA) to identify the core factors predicting the associated social signal or related annotation.


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