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Design and Usage of a Process-Centric Collaboration Methodology for Virtual Organizations in Hybrid Environments

Thorsten Dollmann; Peter Loos; Michael Fellmann; Oliver Thomas; Andreas Hoheisel; Peter Katranuschkov; Raimar J. Scherer
In: International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IJIIT), Vol. 7, No. 1, Pages 45-64, IGI Publishing, 1/2011.


This article describes a collaboration methodology for virtual organizations where the processes can be automatically executed using hybrid web service, grid or cloud resources. Typically the process of deriving executable workflows from process models is cumbersome and can be automated only in part or specific to a particular distributed system. The approach introduced here, exemplified by the construction industry field, adequately integrates existing technology within a process-centric framework. The solution on the basis of a hybrid system architecture in conjunction with semantic methods for consistency saving and the framework for modeling VO processes and their automated transformation and execution are discussed in detail.