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Managing plans Integrating deliberation and reactive execution schemes

Sylvain Joyeux; Frank Kirchner; Simon Lacroix
In: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS), Vol. 58, No. 9, Pages 1057-1066, Elsevier, 9/2010.


In this paper, we argue that a shift is needed for plan-based architectures to support versatile, long-lived systems. Our hypothesis is that we need to integrate plan generation, plan analysis and plan adaptation within a wholesome framework that allow a seamless integration of planning and plan executions activites. And therefore, that the development of a plan management component is needed as a proof of concept. We propose such a plan representation, which adds in plans the semantic needed for diverse tools to work on the information it contains. We also present key points of an implemented plan management component that has already been used on three different live systems and showed great potential.