On Intuitive Dialogue-based Communication and Instinctive Dialogue Initiative

Daniel Sonntag

In: Instictive Computing, International Workshop. International Workshop on Instictive Computing (IC-09), June 15-16, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, online, 2009.


Maximes of conversation and the resulting (multimodal) constraints may be very much related to instinctive computing. At least, one could argue that cognitive instincts and (meta)cognitive dialogue strategies use the same class of actual sensory input. In my model, however, the dialogue partner's (instinctive?) competence arises from adaptable models he learns from the environment. For example, some information resources are more reliable than other, some people always or never tell the truth, which affects the dialogue action models---over time.


instinctiveDialogue.pdf (pdf, 150 KB )

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