DBTropes---a linked data wrapper approach incorporating community feedback

Malte Kiesel; Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes

In: Johanna Völker; Oscar Corcho (Hrsg.). EKAW 2010 Demo & Poster Abstracts. International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW-10), 17th, October 11-15, Lisbon, Portugal, 10/2010.


A common approach for serving Linked Data is to modify existing services to translate and export the underlying data as RDF. However, for many existing data sources on the web such an approach is not feasible: large installations might not be suitable for the changes necessary, programmers possibly are not able to adapt the software, or the data might not be suited for direct translation to RDF. is a wrapper to TV Tropes, a wiki describing works of fiction by associating features---known as "Tropes". DBTropes is an independent service only using public data available via HTTP and translating it to RDF. Since the TV Tropes wiki does not provide structured data, the extracted data is noisy, and the interpretation of the data is sometimes ambiguous. DBTropes features a user interface that allows correcting and amending the data extracted from TV Tropes. This allows the extracted data to stay in sync with the original wiki, while also allowing the linked-data community to fix extraction error.


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