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An Agent-Based mobile e-commerce service platform for forestry and agriculture

Matthias Klusch; Andreas Gerber
In: Ning Zhong; Jiming Liu; Setsuo Ohsuga; Jeffrey Bradshaw (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology. Asia-Pacific Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT), October 23-26, Maebashi City, Japan, Pages 119-123, ISBN 978-981-02-4706-5, World Scientific Publishing Co. 2001.


The range of applications developed in the domain of agriculture and forestry covers restricted types of market places as well as information systems. However, the innovative integration of Internet, agent technology, and mobile telecommunication for integrated commerce, supporting business processes in these domains, is still at the beginning. We present the first approach of a holonic agent-based information and trading network (CASA ITN) for dynamic production and sales in which integrated services for logistics and e-commerce are provided. This paper introduces the agent-based architecture and describes the added-value services of the CASA ITN for mobile timber sales.