OWLS-MX: Hybrid Semantic Web Service Retrieval

Matthias Klusch; B. Fries; M. Khalid; K. Sycara

In: Agents and the Semantic Web: Papers from the AAAI Fall Symposium. AAAI Fall Symposium, November 4-6, Arlington, VA, USA, Fall Symposium Series Technical Reports, Vol. FS-05-01, ISBN 978-1-57735-247-1, AAAI Press, 2005.


We present an approach to hybrid semantic Web service matching that complements logic based reasoning with approximate matching based on syntactic IR based similarity computations. The hybrid matchmaker, called OWLS-MX, applies this approach to services and requests specified in OWL-S. Experimental results of measuring performance and scalability of different variants of OWLS-MX show that under certain constraints logic based only approaches to OWL-S service I/O matching can be significantly outperformed by hybrid ones.

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