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TSemantic Web Service Composition Planning with OWLS-XPlan

Matthias Klusch; Andreas Gerber; M. Schmidt
In: Agents and the Semantic Web: Papers from the AAAI Fall Symposium. AAAI Fall Symposium, November 4-6, Arlington, VA, USA, Fall Symposium Series Technical Reports, Vol. FS-05-01, AAAI Press, 2005.


We present an OWL-S service composition planner, called OWLS-Xplan, that allows for fast and flexible composition of OWL-S services in the semantic Web. OWLS-Xplan converts OWL-S 1.1 services to equivalent problem and domain descriptions that are specified in the planning domain description language PDDL 2.1, and invokes an efficient AI planner Xplan to generate a service composition plan sequence that satisfies a given goal. Xplan extends an action based FastForward-planner with a HTN planning and re-planning component.