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Design of Collaborative Information Agents

Catholijn M. Jonker; Matthias Klusch; Jan Treur
In: Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents IV, The Future of Information Agents in Cyberspace. International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA-00), located at ICMAS-2000, July 7-9, Boston, USA, Pages 417-438, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Vol. 1860, Springer-Verlag, London, UK, 2000.


Effective development of nontrivial systems of collaborative information agents requires that an in-depth analysis is made resulting in (1) specification of requirements at different levels of the system, (2) specification of design structures, and (3) a systematic verification. To support a widespread use of intelligent information agents for the Internet, the challenges are (1) to identify and classify a variety of instances of the different types of reusable (requirement, design and proof) patterns, (2) build libraries of them, and (3) provide corresponding easy-to-use plug-in information agent components to the common user. In a simplified example it is shown which types of reusable requirements patterns, design patterns, and proof patterns can be exploited, and how these patterns relate to each other. 1 Introduction The domain of collaborative information agents (cf. [27]) imposes specific requirements on the functionality and behaviour of the agents and their inter...