Enterprise Interoperability and Enterprise Systems

Peter Loos; Dirk Werth; Silke Balzert-Walter; Thomas Burkhart; Sebastian Kämper

In: Jose Esteves; Sanjay Kumar; Elliot Bendoly. Handbook of Research in Enterprise Systems. Chapter 2, Pages 46-60, ISBN 9788132105091, Sage Publications India PVT Ltd, New Delhi, 2011.


The objective of this chapter is to investigate the nature of Enterprise Interoperability and to assess the way it directs the implementation of enterprise systems. The chapter deals with the origin of the term "interoperability" namely, the technical disciplines. It expands this property of a technical object to the business-orientated domain, resulting in the concept of Enterprise Interoperability. The chapter then describes the special characteristics of Enterprise Interoperability. It decomposes the concept into partial relationships, namely, the interoperability between businesses, processes, and information systems. At the end of this section, these partial concepts are consolidated into the Enterprise Interoperability Framework.

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