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SmartCase: A Smart Home Environment in a Suitcase

Jochen Frey; Simon Bergweiler; Jan Alexandersson; Ehsan Gholamsaghaee; Norbert Reithinger; Christoph Stahl
In: International Conference on Intelligent Environments. International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE-11), 7th, July 25-28, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 2011.


Typically, intelligent environments include a heterogenous set of devices and services offering complex functionalities. To establish a real assistive intelligent environment the available functionalities, their interdependencies and possible side effects must be comprehensible for the end-users and for the diverse set of developers, architects and craftsmen involved in the development process. In this paper, we present a detailed small-scale model of an instrumtented two-rooms apartment and show how the model can be utilized for designing, evaluating and controlling intelligent environments. Furthermore, we present an architectural foundation based on Universal Remote Console technology and discuss how to synchronize the model with the real environment.