Evaluating Tangible Interaction with Real and Virtual Products -- User Feedback Results

Elena Minina; Michael Schmitz; Homeira Quraischy

In: Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction. IADIS International Conference on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction (IHCI-2009), June 20-22, Algarve, Portugal, Pages 182-186, IADIS press, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009.


In this paper, we introduce a user study of symmetric multimodal product information and comparison system related to tangible interaction with real and virtual products. The system aims to extend the limited assortment of a small store with virtual items on touch-sensitive display embedded into shelves. It blends tangible interaction of both real products in a shelf and virtual products represented on a nearby screen. The user interface is complemented with a conversational interface that allows users to carry out a natural language dialog to accomplish the comparison and inspection of multiple products of the real and virtual world. The user study examines whether the multimodal interaction with the prototype is perceived as intended. In particular, we describe the key issues of the qualitative user feedback and discuss their implications for the future research steps.


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