Incycling - Sustainable Concept for Instrumenting Everyday Commodities

Boris Brandherm; Alexander Kröner; Jens Haupert

In: Harold Liu; Alexander Kröner; Chris Speed; Pan Hui; Fahim Kawsar; Wenjie Wang; Dan Wang; Boris Brandherm; Thomas Ploetz; Michael Schneider; Jens Haupert; Peter Stephan (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the International Workshop on Networking and Object Memories for the Internet of Things. Workshop on Digital Object Memories (DOME-11), located at UbiComp 2011, September 17-21, Peking, China, Pages 27-28, ISBN 978-1-4503-0929-5/11/09, ACM, 9/2011.


In this paper we present "Incycling" - a sustainable concept for instrumenting everyday commodities with instrumentations like memory, sensors, processor unit and communication modules. The term "Incycling" is an abbreviation of Instrumentation Cycling and figuratively describes the idea of the concept which is mainly based on an in-house reuse of the instrumentation which will considerably improve the cost-benefit ratio of instrumentations. In addition an assistance system would assist the user in the right selection and configuration of instrumentations for objects. We argue that such the instrumentation of everyday commodities and convenience goods will become feasible by non-experts and in terms of money. The concept will be showcased in an example scenario demonstrating a drug interaction alert system.


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