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Global Lab: an interaction, simulation, and experimentation platform based on Second Life and OpenSimulator

Anette von Kapri; Sebastian Ullrich; Boris Brandherm; Helmut Prending
In: Proceedings Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology (PSIVT'09). Pacific-Rim Symposium on Image and Video Technology (PSIVT-09), September 13-16, Tokyo, Japan, Springer, 1/2009.


In this paper we describe a novel platform for virtual worlds called Global Lab. Through example applications, we demonstrate the capabilities of this platform for ubiquitous simulation and experimentation for sensor-based systems. Furthermore, with multimedia information representation and support for bi-directional communication real and virtual devices are connected in the example of a participatory ecosystem scenario. The Global Lab contains multi-modal presentation and interaction techniques which enhance universal communication. The overall motivation is to provide a framework with strong support for collaboration in virtual worlds for research purposes.