Using Smarpthones for Customizing Products at the Point of Sale

Sven Gehring; Markus Löchtefeld

In: Joanna Lumsden (Hrsg.). International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction (IJMHCI), Vol. 01/2012, Pages 5-9, IGI Global, 2012.


Today, customers have a high demand on personalized products. Manufactures try to address this demand in various ways: e.g., they produce the same product in different variations or adapt the product package to a special event (e.g. sport events). Furthermore, they offer web-based platforms to allow customization by the users. For the majority of industrial companies, customizing products and services is among the most critical means to deliver true customer value and achieve superior competitive advantages in the future. In this paper, we describe how smartphones can be used at the Point of Sale (POS) to customize products. The described interaction techniques utilize a physical representation of the product itself and they therefore help to match the customer’s expectations with the final modified product and allow the most natural and intuitive interaction.

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