Till Mossakowski; Ugo Montanari

In: Till Mossakowski; Ugo Montanari (Hrsg.). Logical Methods in Computer Science (LMCS), Vol. SPECIAL ISSUE: Selected Papers of the Conference "Algebraic and Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science 2007" Bergen, Norway, 2007, Pages 1-2, 2010.


This special issue collects extended versions of five papers presented at the second CALCO 2007 in Bergen, Norway. CALCO, the Conference “Algebraic and Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science”, has been founded by joining forces of WADT, the Inter- national Workshop on Algebraic Development Techniques, and CMCS, the International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science. CALCO 2007 received 57 sub- missions (including four tool papers), out of which 26 (including two tool papers) were selected for presentation at the conference and for publication in Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4624. The five papers of this special issue underwent a new and thorough reviewing process.

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