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Ein Framework zur Erstellung verteilter Anwendungen

Martin Schaaf
DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 96-05, 1996.


The project VEGA (Knowledge-Base Validation and Exploration by Global Analysis) aims to support the knowledge engineer in the maintenance of knowledge bases. For that purpose the cooperation of many system components is needed which should be made more easily usable by a graphical user interface. It was also planned to make externally developed tools integratable without much effort. Furthermore, it should be taken into consideration that many developers are not very experienced with programming at network or operating system level. Therefore, we have developed a system which allows multiple independent processes to work and communicate easily together by having a simple interface. It gives the tool developers the ability to make their decision of which programming language to use, independent from its suitability for operating system programming. The resulting system is a universal framework usable by any developer who wants to distribute his application on multiple actors, without focussing on their communication and administration. Internal process concurrency was solved by an own developed thread library which is already a useful and available tool in its own right.