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An Adaptive Deductive Planning System

Dietmar Dengler
DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 94-06, 1994.


A generic planning system is introduced which allows for custom building of planners able to generate plans for different plan consumers in the context of intelligent support systems. All planners are adapted to the pecularities of different plan consumers, to their domain knowledge, their typical behavior, their preferences, and their utilization of plans. The necessary knowledge sources of the generic planner are fixed in order to enable it to produce plans of a certain specificity. Its control strategy is described in a formal specification language containing constructs which allow for the configuration of characteristic parts of the control strategy. The customized planners are defined by executable specifications. An application of the approach to deductive planning based on a modal temporal logic is shown. It is demonstrated in an example how needs of different plan consumers in an intelligent help system can be met by a deductive planner.