Integration of Ontological Semantic Resources in NooJ

Thierry Declerck; Piroska Lendvai; Nikolina Koleva; Tamás Váradi

In: Kristina Vučković; Božo Bekavac; Max Silberztein (Hrsg.). Automatic Processing of Various Levels of Linguistic Phenomena: Selected Papers from the NooJ 2011 International Conference. Pages 195-204, ISBN 1-4438-3711-3,, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridege, 3/2012.


n this chapterr we investigate the integration of domain-specific ontological resources with NooJ lexicon and grammars. The aim is to provide NooJ with extended semantic annotation facilities, but also to use NooJ grammars for contributing to the population of ontologies with instances of classes detected in text. We focus in this submission on the processing of folktalesŽ, but we also experiment our approach in the financial domain.


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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence