User-centered Design of a Game-based, Virtual Training System

Dominic Gorecky; Glyn Lawson; Katharina Mura; Setia Hermawati; Mikkel Lucas Overby

In: Conference Proceedings. International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE-2012), July 21-25, San Francisco, CA, USA, AHFE, 2012.


Virtual training systems show a high potential to complement or even replace physical setups for training of assembly processes. A major precondition for the breakthrough of virtual training is that it overcomes the problems of former approaches, especially the poor user acceptance. In this paper we describe different design factors, which have or might have an effect on the user acceptance of virtual training. Recommendations are given, how these factors can be addressed and measured though a user-centered design process. The paper presents the design approach taken during the development of a game-based, virtual training system in the EU-FP7 project VISTRA.


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