Automatic Forgery Detection on Printed Invoices: Results and Conclusions

Joost van Beusekom; Armin Stahl

In: Abstract Book of the 6th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference. European Academy of Forensic Science Conference (EAFS-12), Towards Forensic Science 2.0, located at 6th European Academy of Forensic Science Conference, August 20-24, Den Haag, Netherlands, ENFSI, 8/2012.


The wide-spread use of high-quality scanning and printing devices, as well as the increasing degree of automation of the incoming mail processing, has opened many opportunities for the fraudulent use of forged documents. Due to the tremendous amount of content being processed, manual first-line inspection is not feasible anymore. Therefore, methods using intrinsic document features have been developed to authenticate documents coming from the same source.

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