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Presentation of a Modular Framework for Interpretation of Sensor Data With Dynamic Bayesian Networks on Mobile Devices

Boris Brandherm; Michael Schmitz
In: A. Abecker; S. Bickel; U. Brefeld; I. Drost; N. Henze; O. Herden; M. Minor; T. Scheffer; L. Stojanovic; S. Weibelzahl (Hrsg.). LWA 2004, Lernen Wissensentdeckung Adaptivität. GI-Workshop "Adaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in interaktiven Softwaresystemen" (ABIS-04), October 4-6, Berlin, Germany, Pages 9-10, ABIS, 2004.


We show in this work an example of how physiological data of a user acquired by bio sensors and interpreted by dynamic Bayesian networks on a personal mobile device are used to adapt notifications to the user state. The described sample application is an instance of our framework that is currently under development in our research group, aiming towards a modular and cross-platform toolkit for sensor integration. We will give a brief overview of the whole system with its components and conclude with an outlook on future work in this project.