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Knowledge Management Process Model

Timo Kucza
ISBN 951–38–5965–7, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, 12/2001.


This report presents the results of research into knowledge management (KM) performed at VTT Electronics, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. Based on literature analysis and prior experiences with software process improvement (SPI) projects, a process model is proposed as an abstract and generic model to be used in KM projects. Its purpose is to enable one to understand knowledge management, perform analyses and plan processes in a structured way, as well as ensure that important aspects are taken into account in KM projects. A distinction into two separate parts of the model is used, which divide the processes into co-ordination processes and operational processes. Herein, coordination processes describe what needs to be performed to initiate and control knowledge management activities; operational processes describe what is done when performing knowledge management activities. The co-ordination processes are organised into a cycle of analysis, planning, defining and effecting to support continuous improvement. The operational processes consist of the main processes: identification of need for knowledge, knowledge sharing, knowledge creation, knowledge collection and storage, and knowledge update. The model is presented on a detailed level, meaning that the mentioned highlevel processes are refined into 39 more detailed processes. Each of these is presented by describing its input-links, the activities the process covers, products, and output-links. Initial verifications made are presented. The model and its use is discussed, and finally, an outlook on further activities related to the development of the model is presented. The discussion covers both the explanation of expected benefits and anticipated pitfalls/shortcomings. Further development needs to address the identified shortcomings thus extending the model and thus allowing it to mature.

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