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Supporting Software Development Teams with a Semantic Process- and Artifactoriented Collaboration Environment.

Sebastian Weber; Andreas Emrich; Jörg Broschart; Eric Ras; Özgür Ünalan
In: Jürgen Münch; Peter Liggesmeyer (Hrsg.). Software Engineering (Workshops). Software Engineering Conference (SE-09), March 2-6, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Pages 243-254, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Vol. 150, ISBN 978-3-88579-244-4, GI, 3/2009.


The focus of this paper is on how to support small software teams in tailoring and following organization-specific process models by using a lightweight and flexible approach to reduce the visible complexity of software projects. We introduce the SPACE (Semantic Process- and Artifact-oriented Collaboration Environment) concept, which describes working processes and an associated approach. These models are integrated semantically, thereby enabling various kinds of analytic techniques, and thus making it easier to cope with the complexity of processes. Pre-defined templates can be configured to actual working processes and artifacts exchanged in such processes. In this paper, we adapt SPACE to the software engineering domain by using the domain-specific Software Organization Platform (SOP). In this context, the templates contain process and artifact descriptions of software process models, such as V-Model, RUP, or agile development.

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