Why do Shop Owners install Digital Signage?

Jörg Müller; Lena Wickenkamp; Denise Kahl

In: Pervasive Advertising. Workshop on Pervasive Advertising (PerAd-3), 3rd Workshop on Pervasive Advertising, located at Pervasive, May 17, Helsinki, Finland, 2010.


In this paper we investigate why shop owners install Digital Signage. From casual interviews we had the impression that most shops installed Digital Signage just because their neighbors have it, too. We interviewed responsible persons in 53 shops that use digital signage in Münster, Germany. On the question “Why did you decide to use Digital Signage in your shop?” 21 different reasons were given, including the benefits of moving images, the ease of exchanging content, and the ability of showing more content than on a poster or on the shelf. However, in a follow-up question “How did you become aware of Digital Signage?”, it subsequently turned out that for most of the shops, the installation of Digital Signage was decided by central headquarters, and the local branch had no choice about it.

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