Constructive DL update and reasoning for modeling and executing the orchestration of heterogenous processes

Serge Autexier; Dieter Hutter

In: Proceedings of the 26th International Workshop on Description Logics, 2013. International Workshop on Description Logics (DL-13), July 23-26, Ulm, Germany, Pages 501-512, CEUR, Vol. 1014, CEUR Workshop Proceedings,, 7/2013.


Our digital world is characterized by various concurrent processes that interact with the physical world. Each of them follows its own rules and goals and only few of them are under a central control. While usually a human mediates between these processes, we developed the SHIP-tool to orchestrate these processes automatically. It uses Description Logic to represent a current state, which is constantly updated by messages sent by sensors and other processes. Temporal-logical formulas act as monitors that supervise the evolution of the system. The failure or success of monitors can initiate procedures given as programs on actions and specified in a Dynamic Logic. In this paper we describe in particular the aspect of storing and maintaining the state of the system in Description Logic ontologies. We formulate restrictions on ABoxes and their updates to always ensure a constructive specification of the current state while keeping the general rules of the system (i.e the TBox and RBOX) invariant.


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